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Top 10 Motorcycles of The Future

Top 10 Motorcycles of The Future

More and more people change a car to a motorcycle.  And as the technology evolves, motorcycle manufacturers are trying to please every “ Biker ”. Manufacturers have focused their attention on the creation of the so-called “ Motorcycle of the Future ”. These models remind unusual copies from a science fiction movie. Below is the top 10 of these innovative inventions of the future, though they can be used today.

Honda V4

Honda V4 Logo

Honda V4

Honda V4

Honda V4, a motorcycle, which was presented in 2008 at a bike show in Germany, is a stylish futuristic sport bike which is a bit against the generally accepted ideas about bikes. It offers a completely new design direction for the brand Honda.

Honda V4 - Concept Model

Honda V4 Alive and Kicking

Suzuki G-Strider

Suzuki G-Strider Brochure

Suzuki G-Strider Specification

Suzuki G-Strider was first seen in 2003 at the Tokyo Motor Show. This concept motorbike is best described as half road bike, half-scooter.

Fix My Bike Suzuki G Strider


I.Care Bike Concept

This bike is the best example of modern technology where design helps to develop the speed. It was designed in France to develop high-speed on the roads.

Victory Vision 800

Victory Vision 800

Victory Vision 800

Victory Vision 800

Victory Vision 800

This bike is one of the most powerful. It is suitable for city races and riding on the track. By the way, it is already popular among fans for its durability and reliability.This bike is one of the most powerful. It is suitable for city races and riding on the track. By the way, it is already popular among fans for its durability and reliability.

Yamaha Tesseract

Yamaha Tesseract Concept

Yamaha Tesseract is a motorcycle that was presented at the Yamaha 2008 Tokyo Motor Show. Yamaha has made this model with V-shaped electric motor.

Peraves Monotracer

Peraves Monotracer Brochure

Peraves Monotracer is extremely unusual closed motorcycle. Thanks to sports, aerodynamic appearance and low fuel consumption, it is very comfortable on long distances.

Bombardier Embrio

Bombardier Embrio One - Wheel Concept

Main Projects Bombardier Embrio One - Wheel Concept

Embrio ” is a kind of One-Wheeled Motorcycle presented by Bombardier in 2003, now it is only conceptual design. If the producers will still produce this model, it will not be available until 2025. Despite the apparent singularity, a motorcycle can reach enormous speeds.


Batman and Batpod

This Monster works by using Water Cooling Technology, Single-Cylinder Engine is focused on the rapid acceleration. It looks a little heavyweight, but it is only at first glance, it has only to accelerate, and it will leave behind any “ LIGHT ” model.

Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge Tomahawk Concept

Dodge Tomahawk is a kind of moto mobil from Dodge. For his mad look and potential Widowmaker Dodge was later called “ TOMAHAWK ”. The bike was first seen in 2003 in one of the Detroit auto salons.

Dodge Tomahawk Preliminary Specifications

Body Style : Single-Seat Viper-Powered Motorcycle Concept Vehicle


Overall Length : 102 inches
Overall Width : 27.7 inches
Overall Height : 36.9 inches
Wheelbase : 76 inches
Seat Height : 29 inches
Curb Weight : 1,500 lbs.
Track, Front : 8.75 inches
Track, Rear : 10 inches
Weight Dist., % F/R 49/51
Ground Clearance : 3 inches
Fuel Tank Capacity : 3.25 gallons


Type and Description : 10-cylinder 90-degree V-type, liquid-cooled
Displacement : 505 cubic inches ( 8277 cc )
Construction : 356-T6 aluminum alloy block with cast-iron liners, aluminum alloy cylinder heads
Bore x Stroke : 4.03 inches x 3.96 inches (102.4 x 100.6)
Valve System : Two pushrod-actuated overhead valves per cylinder with roller-type hydraulic lifters
Fuel Injection : Sequential, multi-port electronic with individual runners
Compression Ratio : 9.6:1

Power ( SAE net ) : 500 bhp ( 372 kW ) @ 5600 rpm ( 60.4 bhp/liter )
Torque ( SAE net ) : 525 lb.-ft. ( 712 Nom ) @ 4200 rpm
Max Engine Speed : 6000 rpm
Fuel Requirement : Unleaded premium, 93 octane ( R+M/2 )
Oil System : Dry Sump
Oil Capacity : 8 qts. Mobil1 10W30 Synthetic
Cooling System : Twin aluminum radiators mounted atop engine intake manifolds, force- fed from front-mounted, belt-driven turbine fan
Coolant Capacity : 11 qts.
Exhaust System : Equal-length tubular stainless steel headers with dual collectors and central rear outlets


Alternator : 136-amp high-speed
Battery : Leak-resistant, maintenance-free 600 CCA
Lighting : Headlights consist of 12 five-watt LEDs, front, with beam-modifying optics and masked lenses. Eight LEDs, rear. Headlamps articulate with wheels.


Manual, foot-shifted two-speed
Type : Aluminum-cased two-speed, sequential racing-style with dog ring, straight-cut gears

Gear Ratios :

1st 18:38
2nd 23:25

Clutch : Double-disc, dry-plate with organic friction materials, hand lever actuated with assist


Dual 110-link motorcycle-style chains
Front Sprockets : 14 teeth
Rear Sprockets : 35 teeth


Layout : Longitudinal, centrally mounted engine, rear-wheel drive
Chassis Construction : Monocoque, engine is central, stressed member
Body Construction : Billet aluminum


Front :
Outboard, single-sided parallel upper and lower control arms made from polished billet aluminum. Mounted via ball joint to aluminum steering uprights and hubs. Five degrees caster. Single, fully adjustable centrally located coil-over damper ( 2.25-inch coil with adjustable spring perch ); pullrod and rocker-actuated mono linkage. Center-lock racing-style hubs

Rear :
Hand-fabricated box-section steel inboard swing arms, incorporating " Hydral-Link " lockable recirculating hydraulic circuit parking stand. Single fully adjustable centrally located Koni coil-over damper ( 2.25-inch coil with adjustable spring perch ); pushrod and rocker-actuated mono linkage. Center-lock racing-style hubs


Type : Dual hub center type.
Steering Linkage : Rocker arm and push/pull rod with roller bearings. Polished billet aluminum steering yoke with turned aluminum grips and billet levers
Steering Lock : 20 degrees, left and right
Lean Angle : 45 degrees, left and right

TIRES ( 4 ) :

Mfr. and Model : Dunlop custom-made symmetrical
Size, Front ( 2 ) : P120/60R-20
Size, Rear ( 2 ) : P150/50R-20

WHEELS ( 4 ) :

Type and Material : Billet aluminum discs, asymmetrical
Size, Front ( 2 ) : 20x4
Size, Rear ( 2 ) : 20x5


Front :
20-inch perimeter-mounted drilled machined stainless steel rotors, one per wheel. Two four-piston fixed aluminum calipers per wheel ( 16 pistons total ), custom designed. Blue anodized caliper finish. Hand-activated.

Rear :
20-inch perimeter-mounted drilled cast-iron rotors, one per wheel. One four-piston fixed aluminum caliper per wheel ( 8 pistons total ), custom designed. Blue anodized caliper finish. Foot-activated.


0-60 mph : 2.5 seconds ( est. )
Top Speed : 300+ mph ( est. )

Confederate Renovatio

Confederate Renovatio Concept Motorcycle

Motorcycle Renovatio is a Radical Bike, designed by top designers of America. This is one of The Very Minimalist Motorcycles, however, none of the functions of the bike was not lost. Moreover, despite the appearance, it is quite convenient.


Dimensions :
Weight: 340lbs.; Wheelbase 60″; Seat Height 30″; 27 degree rake.

Engine :
103 cubic inch Confederate Water cooled 90 degree utilitarian modular platform
150 HP normally aspirated – 190 HP optional supercharger

Transmission :
Confederate design; six speed, close ratio.

Primary :
Internal gear driven

Front End :
Girder-type aircraft aluminum and titanium multi-link with
shock centered on steering axis; Carbon fiber struts.

Swingarm :
Single sided aluminum cast piece.

Suspension :
Rear-Penske coil over shock with remote reservoir multi adjustable; Front-Penske coil in shock, multi adjustable.

Lighting :
Forward LED headlight and blinker system; integrated into girder.

Fuel Cell :
Confederate design, one piece composite fiber cell;
Fuel Capacity 4.5 gallons with integrated air box.

Gauge :
Single integrated tachometer and speedometer.

Wheels :
Blackstone structural carbon fiber.

Identification :
Engine & Neck contain ID numbers.

Preliminary Engine Specifications :
Type : V-twin

Displacement : 1686 cc ( 103 cu. in. )

V-angle : 90 degrees

Compression ratio : 11.0:1

Valve configuration : Over head valves, 2 per cylinder

Valve lifters : Hydraulic roller

Bore x stroke : 108 x 92mm ( 4.252 x 3.622 in. )

Fuel system : Sequential fuel injection

Fuel Type : Premium unleaded

Horsepower : 135 hp ( SAE Certified )

Torque : 125 lbs-ft ( SAE Certified )

Fuel shut off : 7800 rpm

Block : 356-T6 Sand cast aluminum

Cylinder bores : Liner-less Nicom coated parent aluminum

Cylinder head : 356-T6 Sand cast aluminum

Intake manifold : Carbon runner, dual throttle body

Exhaust manifold : 321 Stainless steel headers

Crankshaft : Billet 4340 steel

Camshaft : Billet 8620 VAR steel

Connecting rods : Forged Powder Metal Titanium

Pistons : Forged 4032 Aluminum

Valves : Forged titanium

Source : Google

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